Brightspot Customer Service Number

This post is about Target’s Prepaid Wireless provider – Brightspot¬† Customer Service Phone number. Brightspot is being launched by Target to compete with Walmart’s Straight talk. This comes on the heels of ATT&T launching a prepaid wireless provider – AIO Wireless, which it took national in mid-September. The prepaid wireless space is therefore very crowded and competition is going to be very stiff, which will only benefit the customers.

Brightspot Customer Service Number: 1- (888) 984-7127

If you are having trouble reaching Brightspot customer service, click here to learn all the tips on how to call Brightspot and speak to a live person.


  1. Nicole says

    Second month in a row Brightspot has inadvertently deactivated my Sim card after a refill. Both times I had to pay $9.99 for a new sim card to fix their error. Terrible customer service and no higher authority to appeal to. Their number is (888) 984-7127

  2. Tina G. says

    I purchased a wrong card to refill my daughters account. I keep being transfer to different departments to try to solve the issue. I guess we get what we pay. I have sprint and i complain about the prices but at least if you call they resolve your issue and/or concern.

  3. James says

    I think it’s awesome. No issues. I dont play alot of games on it but I use it mainly for texting and paying bills and it works great!!

  4. Shonree says

    Do NOT get brighspot their customer service is horrible. Every time you call you get target guest service amd not bright spot

  5. chris says

    everytime I go to play books, it says “no connection” retry

    In store at Target could not help me.

    What to do??

  6. LaRay says

    My phone is saying my Mobile Data is not on, even after I switched it on. I can not call nor send messages. What do I do ?

  7. Sarah says

    I just got my android LG phone anIts telling me that i, “do not have sufficient storage available” for ANY updates! Not even the one game i have on my sim card. HELP!

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