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The Bluebird American Express Card is one of the most popular reloadable prepaids on the market. It is a card issued in partnership with Walmart and sold in pretty much all the over 4,000 Walmart Stores across the country. American Express has been heavily promoting the card as the perfect alternative to a bank account (see video below). But for that to be true, the customer service has to be good. So we set out to find out. If you are a Bluebird cardholder and would like to reach customer service and speak to a live person, see our instructions below:

#1 1-877-486-5990

American Express Bluebird Customer Service Live Person

The most reliable number to call is 1-877-486-5990 (toll free). If you are calling from outside the united states, you should call 1-801-449-4016. When you call, you will first have to go through the auto attendant, where you will be asked to enter your bluebird card number and 4 digit code in front of the card. Once you successfully do that, you will be given your account balance by the auto attendant. After that, the auto attendant will read a series of menu options. Ignore those options and Press Zero “0″ to speak to an attendant. You will be transferred right away.

“American Express Bluebird Customer Service” “American Express Bluebird Customer Service Live Person”

We tried these instructions ourselves and were able to get through very quickly to speak to an agent. There was no hold time and the agent was very helpful. We will like to hear about your experience. Let us know in the comments section below if you were able to speak to a live person at American Express Bluebird. If you have a helpful tip, we would like to know.

The video above is the promo video for the card we mentioned earlier in our post.

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American Express Bluebird Customer Service Live Person
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Live representatives

Tried calling customer service all automated could not reach a live person will not be using this card for much longer the other card I used had live reps 24/7 guess I'm due for a switch.even tried...... (Read More)

Horrible tech support.

This tech support is an enormous joke. I've been a blue bird customer for years. Someone gets my info uses it for Amazon so I cancel it. They say they will send me a new card in the mail. Three wee...... (Read More)

notabletousemy card

when everi call anddial 0 mycallgets disconected please callmee cardihave now is second oneyosentme that i cant use3053326172 myphone number

Want to talk to a live person?

If u want to skip the reading call this number and tell them ur a bluebird member. 1 800-660-2454 Alright after calling bluebird and not being able to talk to a live person. I decided to figure ou...... (Read More)

Are you kidding

Tracked down CS number through these posts. Got a call this morning from family member putting money on card for me.Bluebird denied it. Called to find out why, they tried to say account card wasn...... (Read More)

Horrible. Couldn't talk to a live person

Tryed multiple times, just needed to change address to mail the card to. Couldn't talk to a live person, and couldn't use the automated menu either

Step DID NOT work

I have been trying to contact Bluebird for the last couple of hours. The step you provided does not work. Step 1 - Call 1 (877) 486-5990 Step 2 - It asks if I am calling about the card ending ...... (Read More)

Awful awful awful but read if you need to connect

Are you trying to speak to bluebird terrible off shore support? Being blocked and not given an option to speakbto someone? Thats because these losers dont want you to contact them. But here's how. ...... (Read More)

No live person

Been a card holder for the past four years never once have I had a problem getting a live rep for the past two days I've been calling and nothing. Tried getting a live person and it hangs up on me....... (Read More)

Call # below

800-660-2454 This number works. A real person actually answered instantly


I am unable to get to a live person. I bought a card, tried to register it, can't verify my identity. So, horrible horrible customer service. Would never to it again!


I opened up this account just to be able to vent how terrible this is. I'm actually considering cancelling all my Amex accounts because this is so terrible. Only thing that stops me is credit sco...... (Read More)


I bought my daughter an amex bluebird card. A few months later they froze it for no apparent reason also freezing me out of my account. They said I had to make a new account and get a new card. ...... (Read More)


I bought my daughter an amex bluebird card. A few months later they froze it for no apparent reason also freezing me out of my account. They said I had to make a new account and get a new card. ...... (Read More)

your service sucks

I asked for a password reset and have yet to receive an email to reset it Now my account is permanently disabled and now I have to write customer care about releasing and unlocking my account. wh...... (Read More)