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ASUS is a computer hardware and electronics company the produce a variety of products including computers, mobile phones, servers, multimedia products, and more. According to the ASUS website, they aspire to deliver the incredible in everything they do. We wanted to check and see how incredible their live customer service was compared to their competitors. Here is how we found was the best way to get in touch with a human at ASUS.

#1 1-888-678-3688

ASUS Customer Service Live Person Information:

Phone Number: The best number to call to reach a human at ASUS Customer Service Department is listed below:

Product Support :1-888-678-3688

Press “1”, Press”1”, and you will be directed right to a live customer service representative. No wait time experienced.

Asus offers Live Chat that brings you live customer support online. Create a case and being a live chat for no wait time.

Support Hours: Customer Service Representatives are available during the following times during your local time:

24 hours a day 7 days a week

Have ASUS call you

Other number that might be helpful:

VIP support for your ASUS TAICHI: 1-866-455-2787‚Äč

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