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The Go Phone service is a prepaid wiresless service provided by AT&T aimed at those who do not want to be tied down to a wireless contract with their carrier. ATT also operates the AIO Wireless Service, which we reviewed a while back. They both get you the same service (no contract), but the Go Phone program is on the flagship network without any of the restrictions that are placed on some of the AIO Wireless plans. If you have a Go phone and would like to reach a live customer service agent, follow our instructions below:

#1 800-901-9878

Phone Number: The best number to call is 800-901-9878 toll free. You can also click here to see a detailed page of support information, including how to activate your phone, check your balance, refill, how to use your device and general account management tips.

Support Hours: Go Wireless Customer service is NOT 24/7 so you need to remember that they are only available M – F 7am – 10pm and Sa – Su 9am – 7pm local time. This means that if you are on the east coast, they are open at 7am your time and they close at 10pm your time on Mondays through Fridays. Note the separate weekend hours. Same thing for all other time zones in the U.S.

How to Speak to a Live Customer Service Agent: Here is how to talk to customer service. Dial 800-901-9878. The auto attendant will ask you to enter your phone number or dial 611 to automatically log in. You will not be able to skip this step so you have to enter your Go Phone number to proceed. Once you enter the number, say “More Options”. Once the attendant provides you with the more options list, say “Customer Service”. Continue to say “Customer Service” until the auto attendant transfers you to a live agent.

When we tested this out, we were put on hold for about a minute, after which we were able to speak to a human.

Did it Work?: Did our instructions work? If yes, GREAT! We hope they resolved your issue successfully. If no, tell us what happened. If you got to a live person using another method, please tell us how, so we can update our information.

  • 7AM - 10PM
  • 9AM - 7PM
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